Two Tiny Kittens Stick Together and Fight For Life To Get Stronger Every Day! Watch The Video Below!


Meet Peterweets (tabby) and Pattycake (tuxedo)! This two little kittens were born five days early and just half the size of a normal newborn, but the tiny siblings stuck together and fought to get bigger and stronger every day. The feline babies were found in a rural area. They were so tiny that they were about the size of a chapstick. Pattycake weighed just 1.8 ounces (51 grams) and Peterweets 2.1 ounces (59.5 grams).

Knowing how critical it was to get the kittens the proper help they needed, their rescuers found Susan Spaulding, co-founder of National Kitten Coalition, who knew exactly what the babies needed to thrive. “They were turned in to a very small rural shelter here in North Carolina. Some wonderful rescuers that volunteer there wanted to save them and a colleague recommended they contact me.”


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