When Mama Cat Introduced Her Kitten To That Old Dog, Watch How The Pooch Reacts!


Having raised a dog and cat together, I know this is exactly how they play. The dog»s gentleness with the kittens is remarkable. Dogs and cats live very well together in a house, although if the dog is less than three times the size of the cat, the cat will totally dominate.

I like how the mom is just sitting there watching and letting her kittens play with the dog. I don’t know if the lady cat and the dog grew up together but he acts in some ways like a cat, like in the way he opens her mouth while teaching the kittens to play. Its so friggin adorable!

This cat and dog could teach us, humans, a thing or two about tolerance. I have watched this several times. Maybe it’s the music; maybe it’s the innocence, maybe it’s the chemistry of the old friends. Nevertheless, I love the way Mama walks to the side and lets her kittens get acquainted with the big guy. She doesn’t go too far, and she keeps a maternal eye on them. Big Guy is sweet, and obviously, loves them cuz they belong to his friend. My favorite part is the last segment tho, where they take a little time for themselves and play like they were kids together, which they probably were before responsibility took over.

It’s one of the life’s most beautiful truths: Joy that’s shared is never diminished but rather felt more wholly. And what could be more joyful than a lively litter of fluffy kittens?

A video captures the touching moment a cat led her babies along to introduce them to her old friend, who happens to be a dog. The feline mother shows no hesitation in allowing the eager pup to get acquainted with her offspring — which she does with tenderness and the utmost care.

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