When This Dog’s Favorite Song Comes On – You Will Fall In Love With Her Hip Hop Moves In No Time


If you’re a person who likes to get down and funky, you’ll know that “car dancing” is a completely different sect of dancing all together. You only have so much space, so you have to modify your moves to fit your range of motion in that space.

It seems like even dogs have certain car dance moves.

This YouTube video is proof. It shows a German Shepherd jammin’ out to some music and dancing in the car. Her moves only involve her ears and thus are very humble. A perfect move for car dancing!

This pup perfectly moves her ears to the beat and it’s hilarious. But one magazine states that this German Shepherd was not dancing at all.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Not considering Disney cartoons, very few animal species besides human beings dance – that is, move their bodies in synchrony with an external musical beat. Even chimpanzees, the closest relatives of human beings, don’t dance. Cows and horses don’t dance. Neither do aardvarks. Nor zebras”

Dr. Christopher Peterson writes on their website.

“Cats don’t dance. Neither do dogs, which is interesting given the co-evolution of canines and human beings. The evolutionary purpose of dogs is to be companions to human beings, but apparently, natural selection drew the line at them dancing with us.”

The article, however, does suggest that birds might “dance” or sway to the beat or rhythm of a song.

In this video, the dog may just be responding to the vibrations in the music which were causing her ears to react. Dogs have more than a dozen muscles in their ears which allow them a huge range of movement: tilt, turn, raise and lower independently. According to CareCredit, another thing dogs can do with their ears is move them to hear better and express how they are feeling.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Guardian and working breeds such as the Collie or German Shepherd were developed to watch for trouble. These breeds certainly may choose to listen more carefully to something they are interested in more effective than other breeds” CareCredit writes.

The video of this dog’s adorable reaction to the music ended up going viral.

“Very funny. It’s probably just too loud for the dog and it is adjusting the ears to avoid that loud part of the song. Heck, if I can hear your car music as you drive by my house and my doors and windows are closed then it’s too loud as well” one YouTuber wrote.

Take a look at this adorable pup and his sweet moves in the video below.

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