When This Hummingbird Moves His Head, Keep An Eye On His Feathers… Gorgeous!


A close view of an adult male showing his beautiful iridescent feathers. Wanted to find a lightweight camcorder/camera that could work with some of the tiny insects, but also butterflies and birds. Today, just saw a tiny hummingbird, half size than usually see. Last week one with a fanned out tail and red glint at neck. Saw your video with bright blue birds.

The Animal Kingdom never ceases to amaze, and this video is absolutely stunning! Here, a young Anna’s Hummingbird takes a few moments out of his day to perch before the camera. Viewers are treated to a close-up view of this adult male showing off his beautiful iridescent feathers as he moves his head from one side to the other. He has no idea how gorgeous his feathers look when he moves his head like this… If he only knew that thousands of people are fascinated with him from behind their computer screens.


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