Woman Dances To Famous Tune, But Her Dachshund Steals The Show When His Song Comes On


Admit it: You allow your dog to sleep with you, you try talking to your dog and you even bring home gifts for your dog.

But would you dance with your dog? In case you didn’t know, dog dancing is a thing. And this woman just loves to film herself and her wiener dog dancing together.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Dancing is a skill that dogs can be taught just like other tricks, like sit and stay.

It just takes a lot of time and patience to do it. Emily and her dog have been practicing their dance for some time now, and the bond they share helps make them great dance partners.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Emily shares her videos on YouTube to not only show off how well her dog can dance but also show others that they can teach their pets to dance, too. In fact, the dog doesn’t care what kind of music you use, as long as you have plenty of treats.

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