You Can Never Guess What’s Been Spotted In The Arabian Desert… Are This A Dog Or A Cat? Find Out The Answer!


This elusive creature has been hidden away from human eyes for more than a decade. After a minimum 10-year disappearance, one of the world’s rarest cats has been snapped in the UAE. The endangered Arabian sand cat is the only feline to live in the sand dune environment. Their distinctive sandy colored coats and golden eyes make them looks just amazing the rest of the cat family but they’re extremely hard to come by.

10 years ago 250 cats or less then this digit were left in the Desert in Arabia and even then, this cats population become less and less, just anecdotal. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi set up cameras in the Baynouna protected area to try to spot the elusive cats. Five cameras were erected over more than 20,000 square feet of desert west of Abu Dhabi.


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